A guide of do’s and don’ts to consider before you have your headshot taken

  1. You cannot consider getting your headshot done if you do not know your type – your brand. Embrace yourself, your imperfection that is what make you unique. It's not just about a pretty picture.
  2. Practice looks and angles. Use a mirror and your phone to hone your expression.
  3. Bring a wardrobe of tops with different necklines. You may be surprised what works for you. Why limit yourself to a black or white t-shirt? Choose clothes that suit your brand, your colouring, your face and neck shape. Just avoid tops that have bold patterns on as these can be too distracting.
  4. Plan your journey. This will give you time to relax after your travels and get yourself into the right mood. 
  5. Be positive and this will be reflected in your photos.